New brand campaign aims to dispel myth that you need thousands to invest

17 Jun 2019 by Nikko AM NZ

This week Nikko AM launched its new GoalsGetter campaign to help dispel some common myths around investing.  One of the main concerns that comes up regularly in research is that people think they need a lot of money start investing.  This is not true. The new campaign shows that anyone can invest with as little as $250.  The campaign also helps to explain that a little contribution on a regular basis really helps to get investments growing.  The campaign features a series of digital ads that demonstrate how investing now can help to achieve financial goals in the future. 

GoalsGetter was launched in March this year and Nikko AM is the first company in New Zealand to offer digital advice.  GoalsGetter is an easy-to-use digital investment platform that lets users set up, track and monitor their investment goals. Users can set multiple goals, view long-term projections based on different contributions and timeframes, and choose between many Nikko AM NZ Funds. For those who need more assistance choosing a fund, the platform can also recommend funds that are most suitable. However, investment decisions are still made by our award-winning investment team.

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