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Learn how GoalsGetter can be used by Financial Advisers to recommend clients into the Nikko AM retail investment funds and GoalsGetter KiwiSaver Scheme.

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If you’re a Financial Adviser working with individual and joint clients, GoalsGetter is a great tool to use with them to help them set, track and achieve their wealth goals under your guidance.

With a selection of Nikko AM investment funds alongside the GoalsGetter KiwiSaver Scheme, which offers funds from NZ's leading fund managers, you have the ability to build personalised and diversified investment portfolios in a simple and cost-effective manner for your clients.

Benefits to your clients

Our easy-to-use, smart interface is designed specifically for retail customers, and allows clients to see all their investments with Nikko AM in one place.

Other benefits of using GoalsGetter for your clients include:

  • A fully digital & transparent investing experience
    No platform fees
    The ability to set up and manage multiple goals and investments in one place
    An embedded projection tool that is intuitive and easy-to-access
  • Clients have 24x7 access to track balances, transactions and performance
  • Functionality to provide clients with the ability to establish regular savings (min payment $20)
benefits to you

Benefits to you

GoalsGetter automates and streamlines the operational side of your business, so you can spend more time with clients and growing your business.

 Other benefits of GoalsGetter for advisers include: 

  • Adviser controlled client onboarding digitally via the Adviser Dashboard
  • Secure access to all your GoalsGetter clients' investments via the Adviser Portal
  • Assistant access available to help onboard clients
  • Retail investment scheme, comprising of diversified and single sector funds managed by Nikko AM, available for individual and joint investors
  • Create tailored KiwiSaver portfolios for your clients on our easy-to-use online platform, leveraging a curated selection of high quality funds
  • Dedicated adviser support team available to assist with any questions
  • An intuitive and user-friendly investment tool to help grow your clients' wealth
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