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How it works
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How GoalsGetter works

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What is GoalsGetter

GoalsGetter is a smart online investment platform powered by Nikko AM, one of Asia's largest asset managers.

GoalsGetter helps you create, track, manage and accelerate how you invest your money to achieve your financial goals. It’s intended to be both an educational tool allowing you to get recommendations and see the potential effects of your investment choices, and a mechanism for directly investing into Nikko AM NZ’s funds.

GoalsGetter is designed to provide an easy to use guide to some of the choices you have when making investment decisions. As a financial model, it cannot predict the future, but it does aim to provide a guide as to the possible outcomes of your investments. The tool is limited to providing access to products managed and distributed by Nikko AM NZ and is intended for people looking for long-term investments and not quick win solutions.

In this page we explain the main paths you can take using GoalsGetter:

Set a goal

How to: Set a goal

The following steps will help you Set a goal with GoalsGetter:

  1. Select a goal from our list or create your own goal
  2. Next, plan your goal. You'll see a clever projection graph that changes as you edit things like your target amount, contributions, your timeframe and different investment types. Feel free to stay here and experiment, or continue on.
  3. Save your goal so you can come back any time to edit it, add new goals and invest when you're ready.
  4. You might like to take your goal to the next level and see how different Nikko AM NZ Funds could impact your projection. Continue on to Choose Funds.
  5. You then have an option to select your own funds or get a funds recommendation. If you're not familiar with our Nikko AM NZ Funds, getting a fund recommendation is a good idea.
  6. You can then choose to save your selections, or if you're ready to take the next step, confirm your goal as an investment and continue on to set up an investment account with us. We'd love to help turn your goal into a reality!
GG App How it Works – Just invest

How to: Just invest

If you have a sum of money ready to invest, and setting up goals is not for you, then you might prefer to take the 'Just Invest' path. The following steps will help you Just invest with GoalsGetter:
  1. Tell us how much you'd like to invest then proceed to selecting your funds from our Nikko AM NZ portfolios of Single Sector and Diversified funds.
  2. Login to save your selections then continue to confirm your investment.
  3. If this is the first time you're investing with us, you'll be asked to apply for an investment account (see how that works below).
  4. Your investment is then ready for you to deposit your initial amount and set up regular contributions (if that's what you've chosen to do).
  5. Once your investment is active, login any time to view performance, make changes or set up new investments.
GG App How it Works – KiwiSaver

How to: Join/Transfer KiwiSaver

If you'd like to join or transfer your KiwiSaver to the GoalsGetter KiwiSaver Scheme you've come to the right place! GoalsGetter is the only way to access this scheme.

Before joining or transferring, you might like to see how your KiwiSaver investment could grow with the GoalsGetter KiwiSaver Scheme by Viewing a Projection.

  1. Select the option to View a Projection.
  2. We'll ask you a few questions about your current KiwiSaver investment.
  3. You'll see a clever projection graph that shows what your investment could be worth in the future.
  4. Feel free to stay here and experiment with the inputs to learn more, save your projection as a goal, or continue on to join or transfer to our KiwiSaver Scheme.

The following steps will help you Join/Transfer KiwiSaver with GoalsGetter:

  1. Choose your funds -  you can select funds from our range of diversified and other funds.
  2. Login or create a login to save your progress. You can come back at any time to continue.
  3. Complete your investment transfer application.
  4. We’ll verify your identity, set up your account and send you an email confirming your details once this has been done. You don’t need to do anything else, we’ll take care of the rest.

Setting up an investment account

Why is this necessary?

If you decide to make an investment using GoalsGetter, you’ll be asked to apply for an Investment Account. You only need to do this once and this step is necessary for us to set you up as an investor in our system.

You’ll need to provide important information that we're legally obliged to ask in order to verify your identity. Once your identity is verified (which usually takes 1-2 business days) your account will be confirmed and you’re ready to transfer money into your selected funds.

How long does it take?

Using GoalsGetter is easy and depending on the path you take (set a goal, just invest or KiwiSaver), it only takes a  few minutes to step through and apply for an investment account. Once you’ve applied for an investment account, it takes 1-2 business days to verify your identity (which we’re legally required to do).

After you’ve made your deposit, your new investment will take around 3-4 days to appear in your GoalsGetter account. Once unit pricing (for the day we received your deposit) has been completed (usually the next business day), you'll be 'invested'. You'll be able to see your investment in GoalsGetter the following day.

If you’re transferring to the GoalsGetter KiwiSaver Scheme, once your identity is verified, we take care of the transfer for you. It usually takes around two weeks for your KiwiSaver investment to appear on your GoalsGetter dashboard. We’ll email you let you know once we’ve received your transfer.

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