How to identify the next big thing

Not everyone sees the next big thing coming. It’s tricky, but if you get it right, it really can have its benefits. For a Fund Manager it greatly helps when the whole company dedicates 100% of its time to researching innovation and is set up to embrace innovation and uncover what’s happening at the cutting edge of technology.

We’re excited to announce that we now offer New Zealander’s access to investing in the Nikko AM ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund through GoalsGetter. This is the first fund of its kind in New Zealand.

ARK Invest, a US-based company, focuses solely on disruptive innovation and look to invest in innovations centred around robotics, automation, energy storage, genomic sequencing and next generation internet technologies.

In our latest brand campaign, we demonstrate just how common it is to miss those prime investment opportunities. From Netflix to the iPhone, there were many sceptics that quashed the concept before it even began. ARK, with analysts that span across sectors, industries and markets, have demonstrated that by thorough analysis, a dedicated team and an open research process, it is possible to see the next big thing.

“I founded ARK Invest for two reasons. One was to focus solely on disruptive innovation. And two, to open up a research architecture so that we could add new dimensions to research with social media, crowdsourcing, and contributions from professors and venture capitalists and others who are very interested in innovation and how the world is going to work.”

Cathie Wood, ARK Invest, CEO, 17 September 2019

The Nikko AM ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund is available through our easy-to-use online platform GoalsGetter. View a copy of our product disclosure statement here.

Introducing our new Disruptive Innovation Fund

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