Media release: Nikko AM to provide free, virtual face-to-face Q&A service for NZ investors through extended COVID-19 lockdown.

Nikko Asset Management NZ (Nikko AM) today announced that it will use its direct-to-consumer social media channels to answer questions New Zealand investors might have about the markets and their investments in light of the Coronavirus outbreak.

Managing Director George Carter outlined his motivation behind the move to bring a human touch to its GoalsGetter roboadvice investment platform in messages posted on Facebook and Instagram.

“While Monday’s announcement has given us cause for optimism for a gradual return to everyday life, we recognise that for many of us, anxiety over our financial future will remain even as the alert levels recede,” says Carter

“We launched GoalsGetter last year to provide a personalised, digital investment platform for the streamlined world in which we live. That world has been replaced, temporarily at least, by one in which we’ve been reminded by how much we value human interaction … even if it’s just over a device for now. Therefore we thought it would be a good idea – to address financial anxiety and support human, social connectivity – to make our team of fund managers available to answer questions New Zealanders might have directly through our social media channels.”

Carter says the #asknikko service – which aims to answer questions about the markets rather than provide personalised investment advice - is open to all investors and KiwiSavers, not just existing GoalsGetter clients.

“Anyone seeking clarity on commentary they may have heard, or terminology they might not fully understand, can simply either post a question on our Facebook or Instagram feeds or direct message us. We will then seek to answer these and provide additional context through regular video updates from our investment experts.”

The free service will run initially for the next month and can be accessed by anyone through www.facebook.com/goalsgetter and www.instagram.com/goalsgetternz




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