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Nikko AM Freedom Fund

About the fund

We wanted to play our part in creating change. That’s why we launched the Nikko AM Freedom Fund. It gives investors the opportunity to do more with their money by investing in a fund that donates all the fees and returns to the charitable organisation, Tear Fund.

Tear Fund works through partnership in some of the poorest parts of the world. Together, they offer an end-to-end response to the issue of human trafficking and slavery, tackling poverty and injustice through sustainable development.

The purpose of this Fund is to utilise capital to generate returns to help support a charity. This fund gains its investment exposure by investing in NZ cash, fixed interest and Australasian equities via other Nikko AM Funds.

The fund aims to provide a regular income to the charity from an actively managed investment portfolio and to maintain the value of investor's capital and to outperform the RBNZ Office Cash Rate by +1.5%p.a.

Find out more about the Nikko AM Freedom Fund and begin investing with impact here.

Other Material Information (OMI) for this fund supplements the Product Disclosure Statement (PDS)  and provides further information about how it works.

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Risk Indicator (volatility)

3 Medium

Target Asset Allocation

Income 100.00%

Find out more about the Freedom Fund from Kady Buchanan

In this video, Kady talks us through what the Freedom Fund is, how it's set up and how it directly supports Tear Fund.  She explains the great work they do to help combat human trafficking and modern slavery across South East Asia and beyond.  

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