Building wealth is for everyone

Whether you’re an avid stock market watcher or completely new to investing, it’s our mission to guide and support you to invest in your financial goals.

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Got an investment goal in mind?

Dream car, kid’s education, or retirement? $250 or $250,000 to invest? Put your money to work now using our smart investment platform. Go get your goal!

Why invest with us?

For everyday investors

You only need $250 to start investing using GoalsGetter. Select your own funds or create a profile and we’ll recommend funds for you.

Experts take care of your money

GoalsGetter makes it easy to set up and track your investments online. But it's the clever people behind GoalsGetter, our expert fund managers, who manage your money.

No hidden fees

Our smart, easy-to-use investment platform is free to use, and we’re transparent about the fees that apply when you invest with us on our website.

Local team, global reach

GoalsGetter is powered by Nikko Asset Management, one of Asia’s largest asset managers. We have a dedicated and knowledgeable Auckland based team, supported by the global network of the Nikko AM brand.

Want to know more about investing?

KiwiSaver as part of your overall investment strategy

Learn about the role KiwiSaver plays in an overall investment strategy, what other assets you could factor into your retirement savings calculations, and how to optimise your KiwiSaver savings now, so you can retire with more. 

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Get the GoalsGetter's guide to managed funds

Whether you're new to investing, or keen to brush up on the basics, our free guide covers all the fundamentals of investing in managed funds. Download it now.

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DIY Investing: Shares versus Managed Funds

Find out about the merits of DIY investing in shares compared to managed funds, what robo-advice is (and is not) and why (regardless of your chosen approach) it’s important to understand your appetite for risk.

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